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"Debut" is popular? Why is the new alcohol stove so popular?

Release time:2022-09-09 14:23Number of views:

Recently, many people have found that their relatives, friends and colleagues have bought such a thing - a new portable alcohol stove.

Many friends feel very strange, because after all, in modern society, every household has a gas stove, which is very convenient for cooking.

Even those who don't use gas stoves, most of them will have an induction cooker or an electric frying pan at home. As long as they plug in the power, they can use it. Why do you have to go far and buy a portable alcohol stove? Isn't this money burning?

In fact, this new portable alcohol stove really has so many channels in it.

First of all, this alcohol stove is a wireless design, and its shape is very small, which allows us to use it without being controlled by the stove and the power supply position, and without carrying a plug-in everywhere.

When you need to use it, you only need to take out the parts of the alcohol furnace and spend more than ten seconds to build all its positions. It is not only simple and convenient, but also more free to use and less restricted.

Secondly, the firepower of this alcohol stove is very characteristic.

It can not only adjust the number and size of firepower at will, but also has a very strong endurance. When a single firepower continues to burn, it can also be used for 4 hours!

At first glance, some friends who don't often cook may think that these four hours are a little short.

But we should know that under normal family use, the time to fry a dish is only more than ten minutes, and more time is actually spent on the preparation and sorting of food materials.

The 4-hour use time can be used not only for cooking, but also for hot pot, barbecue, soup, steaming, boiling water, porridge and so on. It is completely enough! There will even be a lot of wealth!

It is precisely because of the above two outstanding advantages that this new portable alcohol stove has become popular across the country at such a fast speed, and has become a new favorite of many office workers, outdoor activity lovers, fishing lovers and people who need to work in an outdoor environment for a long time.

Not because of anything else, but because these two characteristics just meet the needs of this group of people:

For office workers, this new alcohol stove can not only be used to cook tea and hot meals, but also prevent the embarrassment of no fire source in case of accidents;

For outdoor activity lovers, fishing lovers and outdoor environment workers, the new alcohol stove has the characteristics of long-lasting, portable, compact, open flame burning, smoke-free and wind proof, which perfectly meet their own use conditions. With it, you can eat fresh, hot, safe and delicious food under many adverse conditions.

It is precisely because of such advantages that it quickly becomes popular in our lives! Everyone naturally wants to have one at home!

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