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There are too many patterns of stoves for the self driving tour. I don't know how to choose them? You'll know after reading it

Release time:2022-09-09 14:24Number of views:

In recent years, in the circle of self driving travel enthusiasts, one of the questions we have asked is what kind of stoves should we choose for self driving travel?

Most friends who have experienced self driving travel should know that although the process of self driving travel is free and happy, how to eat food, hot and safe food in the process, so that they and their partners can eat well and feel comfortable is the biggest problem.

After all, the journey time of self driving tour is not the same. The short can be several hours, one or two days, and the long can be several days and months. In this process, it is impossible for us to find a suitable place to eat ready-made meals every time we arrive at the meal spot.

Of course, we can also bring some convenient food in the car, such as instant noodles, bread, cans, nuts, etc. food that has been stored for a long time and is ready to eat in open bags to fill our stomachs.

But the problem is that it's OK to use this kind of food as an emergency to deal with one or two meals. If you eat it for a long time, it will have a bad effect on your health. Even our tongue and stomach can't stand it!

So, today, let's share some stoves suitable for self driving enthusiasts to carry with their cars! Let everyone who yearns for freedom have healthy and fresh meals!

1、 Kerosene boiler (or diesel boiler):


Relatively high safety, high combustion calorific value and low fuel cost;


1. The fuel is not easy to replenish outside (the diesel boiler is easy to replenish);

2. It needs to be preheated during use, with black smoke and kerosene smell;

2、 Gasoline stove:


The firepower is strong, and because the use method is mostly to temporarily extract the fuel in the mailbox, it can pass the security check;


1. There is black smoke at the beginning of use, and the stove needs to be cleaned after use, and the stove head is easy to be blocked;

2. Many gas stations do not sell gasoline, and some can sell it, but they need to go to the police station to open a certificate, and pumping gasoline is also a very troublesome thing;

2. The smell of gasoline is very strong, which greatly affects your appetite. It is difficult to say that you can still eat when you smell it. Putting the cart before the horse;

3、 Induction cooker (or electric pressure cooker):


The safest, cleanest and most convenient; It can be used in the vehicle completely;


The use cost is relatively high, because the electricity consumption of the induction cooker is very large, and some even need to cooperate with their own generators;

4、 Cassette furnace:


Small size, mainly for convenience;


1. The cost is high, and the cost is huge after long-term use. A meal is basically a tank of gas. The use time is short, and the price is higher than that of liquefied gas. It is not suitable for long-term use;

2. If you can't pass the security check, you won't be able to use it in Tibet and Xinjiang. You check the gas tank very closely, and you have passed many security check points; Even many regular parking places do not allow the use of cassette furnaces.

5、 Firewood stove:


Economy and security; When there is no other energy source, it still works and is suitable for walking in no man's land for a long time;


1. No fire can be used in mountain areas;

2. It is easy to have black smoke and black pot bottom, and it is troublesome to find fuel and ignite it;

6、 New portable alcohol stove:


1. The open fire is smokeless and tasteless, safe and healthy, and the dual fire combustion has strong and sufficient firepower, which is suitable for emergency use or long-term use as a stove;

2. Small size, simple wireless design, easy to carry;

3. There are high-temperature resistant glass tubes surrounding the fire point, which not only prevents wind, but also strengthens safety.

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