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today we are no longer as we have been! The safety of the new alcohol stove depends on this?

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I believe many friends have seen alcohol stoves before, and many have a certain impression of old-fashioned alcohol stoves.

For example, in many restaurants and snack bars, in order to maintain the temperature or taste of the dishes when serving, or when customers choose to cook and eat products, they will put an alcohol stove under a small pot or basin and serve them together.

Many friends who like outdoor sports, camping or fishing will also bring an alcohol stove, which can heat food and light a fire when necessary.

However, with the passage of time, we can clearly find that this kind of old-fashioned alcohol furnace, which was very common in the past, is slowly withdrawing from the stage of history and replacing it with a new type of alcohol furnace.

Although they are both alcohol stoves, compared with the old-fashioned alcohol stoves, the new model not only inherits the advantages of being small and portable.

At the same time, many original designs have been added to improve safety, so that consumers can use them more confidently.

So what does the new alcohol stove alcohol do to ensure its own safety? Mainly from the following points:

1. Alcohol bin seal:

Because liquid alcohol is used as the fuel, the new alcohol furnace attaches great importance to the alcohol bin at the beginning of design. It uses corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant silicone plugs to seal the alcohol bin 360 degrees without dead corners, which can prevent alcohol from overflowing and make it safer to use;

2. Anti misoperation:

As we all know, the safety hazard of the old-fashioned alcohol furnace is that it is very easy to misoperate. In order to prevent such a situation, the new-style alcohol furnace adopts a magnetic suction switch design. In this way, no matter you want to add alcohol to the machine or replace the battery, as long as you remove the bracket, the machine will turn on the protection mechanism, prohibit starting, and avoid the safety hazard caused by the operation error;

3. High temperature protection:

In order to prevent unnecessary losses caused by high temperature, the new alcohol furnace adopts the suspended combustion structure of emission type heat dissipation and the temperature control protection system, so as to isolate the battery from the alcohol furnace and protect the stove;

4. Scald prevention:

Because it is a stove, when designing the appearance, the new alcohol stove uses hardware brackets, carbonized wood frames and high-temperature resistant baking varnish spraying that can isolate external heating. Such materials and structures can enable us to safely take and place them during use, reducing the risk of scalding;

5. Open fire smokeless combustion:

It is more convenient to observe the flame shape, more conducive to knowing the fire power, fire point, fire state and other information at the first time, more safe and hygienic, and more environmentally friendly than other types of stoves.

Does this new-style alcohol stove, which is convenient and practical and has little potential safety hazard, make you feel excited? Action is better than heart. Friends with relevant needs can contact me by private letter or ask questions in the comment area. They will reply carefully.

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