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What are the advantages of alcohol stove?

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Hello, everyone. Today, let's talk about alcohol stoves. Alcohol stoves are very popular in the market. Although many people say that alcohol stoves are one way or another bad, alcohol stoves still occupy a place in the outdoor field.

So what are the benefits of alcohol stove? Even Xiaobian has started a set.

The biggest advantage of the alcohol stove is its portability. How can it be portable? You can take it anywhere in the country. You can start from Beijing, and then take the bullet train, train, plane, etc. to Tibet for camping, hiking, mountaineering, etc. Why can't the gas stove work? Because the gas furnace has electronic ignition and its fuel butane cylinder, these two things are dangerous goods. Planes, high-speed trains and trains can not pass the security check. The alcohol stove we use now is actually an iron box and iron plate support, without any danger. High speed rail can be used on airplanes. In addition, alcohol can be put in mineral water bottles, and it can generally muddle through security checks (trains and bullet trains here may not work on airplanes).

In fact, as for fuel, I think it is better to buy alcohol, because there are pharmacies in every city. Generally, alcohol can be bought in these pharmacies, while gas cylinders can only be bought in outdoor stores. Generally, the prices in physical stores are certainly high and not cost-effective. It is not recommended to buy alcohol in physical stores.

In addition, the alcohol furnace can be ignited at extremely low temperature, but butane cylinders can only be used above 0 ℃, and cannot be ignited below 0 ℃.

In addition, there is another advantage, that is, the alcohol stove is easy to clean, which is much more convenient than the stove.

Finally, the choice of cooking utensils. Generally, the flame of the alcohol stove cannot be controlled. Sometimes, the flame will go up to a high position along the outside of the pot wall. Therefore, we must choose the cooker that is relatively deep, and the cover should not be plastic, and try to be metal, otherwise it is easy to be ignited by the surging alcohol flame.

Note that the water burning speed of the alcohol stove will be slow. I have tested an alcohol stove and a gas stove before, burning boiled water of the same capacity and using the same cooker to boil the water. The gas stove usually takes only about 5 minutes, while the alcohol stove takes about 15 minutes.

Although the alcohol stove is slow, Xiaobian doesn't think it's a problem to spend time outdoors, because we enjoy the outdoors all day, and we're not busy working overtime, catching the bus, picking up the children from school, let alone going home to sleep. So slow is slow. Anyway, there's plenty of time, and sometimes it's more like camping.

Of course, if you are naturally acute, or there are other items besides eating, or there are more people eating, you'd better use the gas stove. After all, cooking is fast.

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