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Safety | how to use alcohol stove correctly

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At ordinary times, we must pay attention to the correct use of alcohol stove:

When adding alcohol, be sure to turn off the fire first and wait until the furnace core is cooled before adding;

Check whether the alcohol storage in the alcohol box is between 20%-80%. If the alcohol is too full, it will easily overflow and catch fire when ignited. If the alcohol concentration is too small, the alcohol box will easily be filled with alcohol vapor, which may explode once ignited after mixing with air;

If alcohol is accidentally spilled on the outside, be sure to wipe it with a cloth before ignition;

When igniting the alcohol stove, use a lighter instead of a lighter;

After dinner, do not use your mouth to blow out the flame, but use the self-contained fire cap of the alcohol stove to cover it.

It is better not to use liquid alcohol, but solid alcohol can be used instead.

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